This page is offering answers to common questions to existing agents who wants to transfer and just park their license or to transfer as an active agent and also New agents who just wants to park their license in Ontario.

  1. If I transfer my license and park it with Dream Home Realty will I still be able to Buy or Sell Real Estate?

Yes. You can buy and sell legally with Dream Homes Realty ltd.

  1. Do I have to take any courses?

Yes. Only RECO course every 2 years.

  1. If I am out of Toronto, can I transfer my license to Dream Homes Realty?

Yes. You can transfer from anywhere in Ontario to Dream Homes Realty.

  1. How long is your contract?

There is no time limit. You can cancel any time you want. 

  1. How much does it cost to park real estate license with Dream Homes Realty Ltd.?

To park real estate license with Dream Homes Realty costs $150.00 plus applicable taxes annualy.

  1. Are there any other cost to park real estate license with Dream homes realty Ltd.?

The only other cost for park real estate license is just all RECO costs. ($400.00 Error and Omission insurance annually)

  1. I am a new agent, How should I park with Dream Homes Realty Ltd.?

I)Fill application to RECO through Dream Homes Realty within one year of completion of your courses.

II) Fee to Reco is  $400.00 insurance plus $350.00 Registration fee pluse Police Certificate(original)$30 to $50.

8. I parked my license with you, and now I decide to be an active Agent. What should I do?  

    1) Sign Dream Holmes Realty Employment Contract.

    2) Pay the Toronto Rea Estate Board. ORA, CREA fees and our fees (monthly $50.00) 6 month in advance. 

    3) Fill and sign TREB forms.

9. If I have a question regarding offer or any other problems can I call?

    I am available 24 Hours a day at office # (905) 771-1150 or Cell # (416) 418-2555 or you can send us a message via contact us page

10. Are you a member of TREB?

     Yes, our Dream Homes Realty Ltd office on Yong street, 7398 Yong street # 18D + 6D, is the TREB member.

11. If I need Real Estate forms, buyer agency, waivers, offer etc., what should I do?

       We provide all to you by email request.

12. If I need to search properties, what should I do?

       Through: or

13. I am not a member of TREB and I want to show MLS listings, can I do it?

       Yes, you can through Dream Homes Realty LTD.

14. If I park with Dream Homes Realty, can I advertise?

Yes, you have to indicate: your name, your title, and brokerage name. But no MLS  or REALTOR LOGO on your ad.